Pet Barn Sketches

Hello, everyone! This is Gentle Dolphin bringing you a (late) Poptropica update! On Thursday, July 12, an interesting concept sketch was posted on the Creators’ Blog. The picture shows a couple potential designs for a pet barn and a store. Check it out:


Underneath the photo is a caption that says the following: “The Poptropica creators are hard at work on some new updates to Poptropica and wanted to share a little sneak peek! What new things do you think are on the way!?!”

The next day, the official Poptropica Instagram account posted a similar sketch. The sketch consists of a movie theater, a store, a pet barn, and a water tower surrounded by a twisting tree. Here it is:


This may be the final design as clued in by the photo’s caption: “Ever wonder how games like Poptropica are made? It all starts with our artists working on lots of concepts like this one! Once a design is chosen, it’s redrawn in Photoshop! Stay tuned for more behind the scenes pics!”

Looking at these sketches, I think that the buildings might be new additions to Home Island on Poptropica Worlds. The movie theater may be a place for players to watch videos (what videos players can watch is a completely different topic), and the store may likely still be a place to shop for clothes.

The pet barn is the most interesting of the three buildings, considering its purpose is the most mysterious at the moment. A lot of people agree that this may be a place for players to adopt and take care of pets. What kind of pets? Most likely normal pets like dogs and cats. Although, adding the Narfs from Mocktropica would be a hilarious throwback!


It’s certainly great that we finally got a sneak peek of what the creators are up to these days, and we would love to see more in the future!

What do you guys think of these sketches? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

-Gentle Dolphin


2 thoughts on “Pet Barn Sketches

  1. Even with these cool stuff being added, they must put the common rooms into the game. Something like that would bring a lot more replay value, even if they bring back the same ones.


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